December 9, 2008 - Things like this keep reminding me why the internet is so friggen awesome.

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But first, a doodle.

(The girl in the drawing died when she was 9, and next year she would have been starting university. I wonder what she would be into now, what sort of extracurriculars. Certainly they wouldn't just be an orthogonal projection of her siblings' interests; she'd be her own unique human being.)

I was on youtube the other day, and there was an advertisement for the Youtube Symphony Orchestra.

At first I thought it was something small, a few interested people or something like that. But I was wrong: it's big. It's Carnegie Hall big.

It's described as the "first-ever collaborative online orchestra," which is exciting. It's exciting to think about how much any random person (with quite a bit of talent, lots of sweat and tears, and some uploading) can accomplish.

I think I'll secretly learn the flute part (but not audition and audition for fun.) This is the beginning of something great, and I'm looking forward to watching it unfold.

I downloaded the music. There's something about that "No. 1" up at the top, that I really like.

Almost heroic, if you want to get adjectivey. Although I'm not sure if that's quite the word - but new and pioneering the way, a first. They go boldly, (boldly go?) making more people interested in classical music, a fresh twist on the notion of an orchestra. (Hey, classical music actually is fairly interesting. 'Specially the beginning of the romantic era.)

O, teh internet, thou art double edgd sword (translation.) This morning I was angry at myself for spending time here, when I should have been studying. But despite its downfalls, the net result (haha) is that the internet is really, really great (customary Avenue Q reference.)

Those who are famous on the internet are generally famous because of their talent, not because of their connections. A few people can even make their living drawing pictures and selling stuff.

There's so much freedom on the internet. Anyone is free to learn & unlearn, to freely share classical music, e-books, videos, to experiment, and to discuss things with fascinating people.

The internet is about the same age as me...meaning it has only really been around for a couple of decades. When I was in elementary school, it was a distant notion to me to "surf the web" and I wanted a computer for the word processing. As a kid, my babysitter had to walk one mile in the freezing cold to get to a computer, and it was uphill both ways [Citation Needed].

The internet changes the world, people. And we're a tiny part of it. I wonder what it will be like for the next generation? Less of a frontier, I expect.

(The internet has also helped me express myself concisely. I'm not so sure I achieved that in this entry though.)