October 23, 2008 - Hello, world

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I was debating whether or not I want to make this blog. It eats up my time like a chocoholic does to two-bite brownies.

And I can't afford to have all my time eaten up because I want to get into co-op. For co-op you need an A-minus(?) but since I didn't get into co-op to begin with i need to get higher than that. If i don't get into co-op i'll not get a job after i graduate, or i wouldn't know what to do with one if i got it.

It's also a Thursday. Thursdays make me think of Firefly. I was obsessed with Firefly last year, but decided not to watch the episodes any more than once because any stories lose their charm once you already know exactly what happens next (cough cough Harry Potter.) But I just remembered how awesome Firefly is...I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder.