December 6, 2008 - Dancie video

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So, why I called this "Ainoa's secret dance journal" when my name is Leslie and I don't dance much? Because I have a couple of middle names, and I'm starting to upload videos to youtube so I can get comments about it (people on youtube usually seem to have an opinion, and say it.)

Here's my description:

Feel free to only watch part of it.

I'm looking for criticism. The constructive kind is preferred, but not necessary. If you feel like being complimentary: be specific.

First i'll criticize myself so you don't have to for the obvious things:
* My turn-out sucks.
* At one point (no pun intended) when I was watching the video I noticed that I wasn't on the block of my shoes.
* My video-editing skills suck. Feel free to only watch part of it.
* My socks don't match.

I need to relax. In general, and also when I'm dancing. I like a boy and it's obvious1 that he likes me, but I'm shy around him. The first time we went on a kinda-sorta date I wasn't shy.

Nothing will go anywhere if I'm not relaxed and worried what everyone will think of me. That was supposed to be my New Everything2 Resolution: to not worry what everyone thinks of me. Not that anything I do would make people spontaneously hate me, it's just a mind thing.

So in general I need to relax. Even though I'm sitting here at the computer, I still think my shoulders could be more relaxed. I'll put that on my To Do list.

(1.) I tend to be clueless about these sorts of things. So if I've figured out that he likes me, then it must be very obvious.

(2.) New city, new living-away-from-home, new university, new friends. I made a few resolutions: one, to try new things and not worry about what everyone thinks of me. Another one was to spend less time on the computer...heh...and to eat healthily...heh again.